This project came about because I wanted to have a portable fume extractor for my DIY projects. This extractor can be powered from either a 12VDC or 3x 18650 lithium batteries.

Wire Scheme:

3D Printer:


20mm fan – 12 volts
2X 120mm fan grill
3 slot 18650 battery case
3X 18650 batteries
3S battery protection board
LED with 680Ω resistor
12V battery level tester
Female power plug 2.5mm
Activated carbon filter
Non-slip rubber feet
500 Hexagonal Screws Kit
– 4 M4 Screw 40mm + 4 nuts
– 4 M4 Screw 20mm + 8 nuts
– 4 M4 Screw 12mm + 2 washers
– 4 M3 Screw 20mm + 4 nuts
Some wires – 18-28 AWG​
Best PLA filament for 3D printer​


Soldering Iron TS100
Wire Stripping Plier
Embossing label maker
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